Business insurance

Plan to protect your business, directors and employees.

Key person insurance

Small to medium-sized businesses often rely on one or two key people to carry the business. So what happens when one of those people can’t do their job any more? Key person insurance provides a lump sum payment to your business if a key employee dies or can’t work due to disability. This payment can cover costs associated with finding and training a replacement, lost revenue, or other expenses related to the impact of their absence on the business.


Financial protection if a crucial person dies or becomes disabled
Allow your business to continue
Cover recruitment and training costs
Repay debt

Buy & sell cover

Another way to protect the business if a co-owner dies or is unable to work. Buy & sell cover (also known as buyout insurance) pays a lump sum to the remaining co-owners, so they can buy out the shares of the deceased or disabled owner. This means remaining owners retain full control of the business, and it operates without interruption.


Confidence your business can continue without disruption
Prevent disputes with beneficiaries
Protect business relationships
Easy estate planning

Group policies

Group policies cover a group of individuals who share a common bond. This is a cost-effective way for employers and organisations to provide benefits to their members or employees. Group policies can include life insurance, health insurance and disability insurance, making it easier for people who might not qualify for other insurance coverage to receive valuable benefits.


Employee satisfaction and loyalty
Comprehensive coverage
Lower premiums than individual plans
No underwriting; pre-existing conditions are covered

Frequently asked questions

How does the claims process work for business insurance?

At NZ Insurances, we aim to make the claims process as smooth as possible. When something happens that you want to claim for, reach out to us promptly. Our team will guide you through the process, helping you gather necessary documentation and talking to the insurance provider on your behalf. Our goal is to help you get a quick payout. Remember, we are on your side, so transparency is key to ensure we can help you get the best outcome.

Do I need business insurance if I'm self-employed?

Yes, even if you're self-employed, business insurance is crucial. It can provide a safety net for unforeseen circumstances that might affect your income. Depending on your situation, key person insurance may be appropriate to cover lost income in case of illness or injury.

Can I update my business insurance as my business grows and evolves?

Absolutely! As your business evolves, so will your insurance needs. At NZ Insurances, we encourage regular policy reviews to ensure your coverage keeps pace with your business growth and changes.

How can I select the right business insurances for my needs?

Your business's insurance needs will depend on your unique circumstances, including your industry, business size, and number of employees. At NZ Insurances, we're committed to understanding your specific needs and offering the most suitable solutions. Let's have a discussion about your business, and we can guide you towards the appropriate coverages.

What types of business insurance does NZ Insurances advise?

At NZ Insurances, we can connect you with a tailored range of business Insurance solutions:

Key person insurance: This caters to small to medium-sized businesses that rely on key individuals. It pays a lump sum to your business if a key person cannot work due to disability or death. It covers costs associated with recruiting and training a replacement, lost revenue, and other related expenses.

Group policies: These are cost-effective insurance plans that cover a group of individuals, such as employees, who share a common bond. Group policies may include life insurance, health insurance, and disability insurance.

Buy & sell cover: Also known as buyout insurance, this pays a lump sum to the remaining business co-owners if a co-owner dies or is unable to work. This ensures business continuity and prevents disputes with beneficiaries.

What is business insurance and why do I need it?

Business insurance offers financial protection to your company from unexpected events like the sudden exit of a key person due to illness, injury, or death. It is essential to secure your business's continuity, cover unforeseen costs, and maintain financial stability.

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