Existing cover review

We can analyse and evaluate your current insurance policies, and recommend improvements that align with your current needs and circumstances.

Our expert advisers can tell you if you’re under-insured or over-insured, and put together a package that meets your budget and keeps you fully protected.

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Let us optimise your insurance cover

It is important to keep your insurance policies up to date so you have the best coverage for any potential risks or losses.

When we review your existing cover, we help you identify any gaps or overlaps in your coverage, so you can make informed decisions about adjusting your policies to better suit your needs.

Are you fully covered?

Take a closer look at these insurance policies. Get in touch for a free quote to make sure you have comprehensive coverage for your lifestyle and budget.

Our dedicated team

We’ll seek out the best policy and package for your circumstances, no matter who the provider is, and we’ll bat for you if you need to make a claim.
Our knowledgeable insurance advisers are dedicated to keeping Kiwi families’ income and investments safe and secure through quality insurance.
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